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October 28, 2018: The Right Shoes

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Buying new athletic wear has been proven to boost your motivation to go to the gym, and the same can be said for your shoes. But if you have one pair of sneakers to run in, strength train in, and weight lift in, you’re limiting your success. From fabrics, to levels of support, the wrong shoes can create issues that can keep you from getting the most out of your workout or, worse, they can lead to an injury. This week, we’re talking about what shoes you should wear for different types of activity.

When to buy

I always buy two new pairs on Black Friday, but other good times of the year to buy shoes are January and April. January is ideal because it’s right after the New Year when everyone has made their resolutions, and April is a great time because it’s spring and the weather is warming up getting people outside. My secret place for my favorite Nikes is Kohl’s. I know! Who would have thought? They always have coupons, too.

The right shoes by workout type

Strength Training – When it comes to lifting weights, a flatter shoe is key. While running shoes aren’t going to make it or break it for you if you wear them during your lift sessions, you want your body weight to stay on your heels and be closer to the ground. Running shoes tend to have more cushion so when performing forward movements your weight shifts away from your heels and workouts like squatting don’t engage the proper muscles. A shoe, with little cushion, like a Converse sneaker is low to the ground and has grip on the bottom you help prevent sliding during sideways movements.

**Do note that If you are getting more into Olympic weightlifting with squats, deadlifts, and cleans, you’ll prefer a weight-lifting shoe with a wedge heel.

CrossFit – While CrossFit and strength training have a lot of movements in common, CrossFit shoes are carefully crafted to keep your foot in a more natural position distributing the weight evenly throughout your foot. A hard sole is necessary to stabilize your movements and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Also durability is key for those unexpected workouts like rope climbing. The rugged outside will give you a grip advantage as your make your way up. Reebok has a CrossFit line that hits all the marks.

HIIT – High intensity interval training requires you to be flexible and light on your feet, and your shoe should be the same. Shoes need to be comfortable, but lightweight. Padding is must, but make sure you avoid a thick clunky shoe. The outside of the shoe should be flexible for those quick side-to-side movements and the bottom should have just enough traction to keep your foot planted on the ground. Adidas makes a great HIIT shoe with their SuperCloud technology that is perfect for interval training.

Running – Running is all about forward heel to toe movements. Look for a shoe with a higher drop for support and cushion that’s lightweight, but durable. Cushion is important for shock absorption, especially when you’re putting in the miles. Since you’re in them for long periods of time, you want your shoes to last a long time. The Saucony and Brooks brands are often found on the best of lists and have a variety of winning options to fit your requirements.

If you have a running store near you, go in for a visit. They can custom fit you for a variety of athletic shoes, and it doesn’t cost much more to buy from there. They make sure you have the perfect fit and shoe.

No one foot is the same, so while these are recommendations, you know your foot best. Feet carry the weight of your world, and making sure it’s comfortable for you is what’s most important.

Next Sunday, we’ll talk about how to shorten the duration of a cold before we get to cold season.

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