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February 10, 2019: Healthy Valentine

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We spend more and more each year to show our love with cards, decadent dinners, bottles of champagne, chocolates, and candy. But, you can make this another day to show how much you love yourself and your mate. This week, we’re going to talk about how you can have a healthy, love-filled Valentine’s Day that doesn’t get taken over by chocolate.

Day Dates

Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love and happiness. What better than a day spent smiling when you treat yourself or your significant other (or best gals!) on these day dates? They’ll get you moving and enjoying each others’ company ahead of a tasty dinner (more on that coming up).

  • If you're fortunate to live in a mountain area, make a day of it and go skiing. Skiing is a great way to burn calories, and you can enjoy each other's company or the beautiful scenery on the gondola ride up. Later, you can snuggle up by the fire and relax.

  • Ice skating is a fun, aerobic exercise that helps with balance and improves mental health. It’s also a great excuse to hold hands.

  • Take the date inside and get your heart pumping and your arms burning at an indoor rock climbing gym.

  • Nice weather? Enjoy a bike ride and explore the city you live in.

  • After all of your hard work take a break and relax with a massage. You can reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension.

Recipes for a Romantic Meal

Wind your adventurous day down and jazz up dinner or prepare a romantic meal with these decadent recipe ideas.

Soup and Salad



Next Sunday, we’ll talk about what you can eat before exercising to give you plenty of energy.

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