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June 3, 2018: Home Garden

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How good are fresh herbs and vegetables? They taste even better when you get them from your own garden. This week, we’re talking about why you should have a garden as well as tips for how even an apartment dweller can grow some fresh food right from home.

Eat more (and better) produce

We’ll start with the obvious. If it’s fresh and convenient, you’re more likely to eat it. Walking over to your window sill or out to your balcony or yard is far easier than going to the store. Vegetables that grow in your home garden have more nutrients than many fruits and vegetables from the grocery store that have to be picked early. In your garden, you can let your food ripen to perfection, so your food will taste better and be better for you.

Save money on groceries

Seeds and starter plants cost so little, it’s barely worth discussing. The amount of produce you can get from them? Well, it’s like having free food all season! The average price for tomatoes at the grocery store is about $2 per pound, but if you grow your own, you can get 10 or more pounds. Each year, we get some many tomatoes, grapes, raspberries, lettuce, and herbs that we have to give them away. Even the plants that are less prolific, like our summer squash and strawberries, provide plenty. You’ll also reduce food waste since you can wait until you’re ready to pick your produce.

Gardening is great exercise

Getting up and down and staying in a squat while gardening is quite a workout. It doesn’t feel like one because you’re engaged in doing something else, so it’s easy!

Feel a sense of achievement

It’s a pretty cool feeling to grow your own food. It’s satisfying because you watch the entire process from seed to plate.

How to start a home garden

  • Assess your space. You don’t need a lot of space for a garden. If you’re low on space, consider container gardens or vertical gardening.
  • Assess your sunlight. Know where and when you get sunlight, and choose plants that thrive in your space. Got a shady yard? No problem! Plenty of vegetables grow in shade. Check the seed packet or plant label.
  • Decide how you’ll water the garden. Can you get to it easily with a hose or watering can? You won’t want to climb over obstacles morning and evening.
  • Start small. Get a few of your favorite vegetables and herbs to plant.

Next Sunday, we’ll discuss ways to get your workout in - even when you’re out of town.

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