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July 29, 2018: Accountability

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Trying to achieve a health goal of any sort is all well and good until something gets in the way of staying on track with your plan. Finding ways to hold yourself accountable to this goal that you found important enough to set and work toward gives you a sense of ownership over your goal and plan that increases your ability to achieve your desired outcomes. So, this week, we’re talking about accountability.

Why it works

Finding a way to hold yourself accountable as a part of your plan to reach a goal helps you view that goal as a priority. Being accountable adds a level of commitment and motivation after you initial excitement wears off.

How do you do it?

You can be accountable to yourself or to someone else (or do both!). Research from ATD found that you have a 65% better chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone - that increases to 95% if you have a specific accountability check-in appointment with that person.

Being accountable to yourself

  • Use a goals contract - Include your goal, actions needed to reach it, time frame, and consequences/rewards if you do or don’t meet them. Here’s one I use with my clients.
  • Use an app to track - Whatever your goal, there is an app for it. See last week’s GYSTS email for some ideas.
  • Decide on some rewards for keeping yourself incentivized - Only collect if you are accountable.
  • Track in a visible way - I have a wall calendar in my office where I use a sticker for each day I’ve done something that is in my plan.

Work with others to stay accountable

  • Share your goals with a friend or family member - They will naturally check in on you out of love and interest.
  • Join an accountability group - These can be online or in person, as both work great. Try Facebook groups, Reddit, message boards,, or gather your friends or coworkers.
  • Hire a coach - <wink> Coaches are all about assisting you with figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and they are both interested in your progress and paid to keep you accountable.

Don’t just hope to reach your goals - commit to actions that will move your goals forward.

Next Sunday, we’ll talk about at-home workouts that can be done with little or no equipment. That’ll keep you accountable to your workout - even if it’s too hot to leave home.

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Kelly Morgan, Ph.D.

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