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August 12, 2018: Partner Up

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The Beatles sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” and that’s truer than ever when it comes to making fitness fun. This week, we’re talking about how you can partner up with a buddy to make workouts more fun and to stay accountable.

Back when I did personal training full time, I sought out the partner training clients because we could make workouts into a game. Having a partner can motivate you by having someone to compete against in a friendly way, having a buddy doing it right by your side, and by having someone you’re accountable to so you’ll show up. Partner training doesn’t need to be done in a formal setting with a trainer! It’s easy to grab a friend for a workout on your own.

Science says you should partner up

A 2016 study from the University of Aberdeen found that “getting a new exercise companion increased the amount of exercise people took.” They also determined that “people exercised more when their companion offered emotional support and encouragement and rather than practical support like never missing a session.”

That means that though it’s a big push for accountability when you have someone else with you, it is even more important to have a partner with whom you can connect and enjoy your time.

Ideas for partner exercises

There are so many great ideas for partner workouts, that there isn’t space to list them all. Here are some links to ones I’ve used and that I plan to use:

Partner yoga:

You don’t have to do anything formal when exercising with a partner. Simply having a walking buddy counts too. It’s about the support not the activity.

Next Sunday, we’ll talk about portion control and how you can make it second nature.

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