Top Juicing Tips

Top Juicing Tips

Last week, I posted about getting your juice fix this summer. Here are some more tips for making juice work well for you.

Make it easy on yourself. If you’re serious about juicing, a juicer is a must-have kitchen tool. Contrary to what some might think, a slow juicer is actually much better than a fast juicer! The slow juicer delivers much more yield, so there is less waste.

High-quality is best. Choose the highest-quality produce you can, and make sure you rinse it well – even if it’s already pre-washed. Also choose the most nutritious vegetables you can find, such as those high in beta-carotene including kale, spinach, and chard.

Juice more veggies than fruit. Strive for a ratio of at least three parts veggies to one part fruit to reduce the sugar content. Over time, you may find that you don’t need any fruit to keep your juice tasty.

Keep a lid on sugar. Instead of agave or other natural sweeteners, use carrots, beets, cinnamon, natural vanilla, or nutmeg.

Sooner rather than later. It’s optimal to drink your juice within 15 minutes of making it. Smoothies can last in your freezer or refrigerator up to 24 hours. After that, they tend to lose their nutrient powerhouse due to exposure to oxygen.

A note: I do not recommend juice cleanses as a diet or "refresh" method. Stick with juices as a healthy part of your normal diet.

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