Benefits of Avocado

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Avocados are one of the top foods for promoting good health - probably because they're so freaking good with everything! Besides being delicious on toast and in guacamole, they are packed with potassium, magnesium, and Vitamins C, E, K1, and B6. They are rich in monounsaturated fats, which are more commonly known as “good fats.” 

If you haven’t given avocados a chance yet (crazy), here are a few good reasons to add them to your regular diet.

They help fight against stress and oxidation

If you experience high levels of stress—and who doesn’t these days?—try avocados. They contain substantial amounts of antioxidants, such as catechins and phenolic, which are responsible for helping you handle stress. They can also protect your body against oxidation.

They help you achieve youthful and glowing skin

Skin aging? Fine lines? Stubborn dark spots? Wrinkles? Avocado can put an end to all these skin problems. Regular consumption of avocados can help protect your skin from the harmful free radicals associated with premature skin aging. They also work great in a homemade face mask. Avocados can help you look more beautiful and younger at any age.

They promote brain health

Research has shown that avocados are loaded with the monounsaturated fat that helps improve memory and brain function. If you struggle to recall even simple, important information, eating avocados may help to sharpen your memory.

These monounsaturated fats can also improve neurotransmission and brain activity. Some studies have even suggested that avocados may offer anti-convulsant effects for seizures (they are not a replacement for a doctor or your medication, of course).

They can enhance weight loss by making you feel fuller

Because of its high water content and low salt content, avocado can be a great way to satiate and eliminate those hunger cravings, making it a perfect way to support weight loss. 

This is just a short list of the benefits of incorporating avocado into your diet. It is a delicious, versatile food that can be used in so many ways in a variety of recipes. Every day, scientists and researchers are finding more and more advantages to consuming avocado. Like we need more reasons,

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