The Top 10 Benefits of Mindfulness

The Top 10 Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that is the perfect tonic to modern day stress and anxiety. But it goes far beyond that and can be instrumental in helping you improve in many different ways. I'll tell you about ten reasons why mindfulness is so transformative and worth your time.

It helps reduce stress

Mindfulness teaches us how to be present and how to exist in the moment. This helps us to rise above the stressful thoughts we might be having and even to "reprogram" them in some cases, like using cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

It improves focus

Mindfulness practice requires intense focus and mental discipline. This is something that many people are lacking these days because of the constant distractions we get from our technology and our general ability to get any information or entertainment in seconds.

It’s free and easy

I love mindfulness because it’s something anyone can practice. Once you understand the concept and have been taught the basics, this is something you can do anywhere and with no equipment. 

It improves athletic performance

Mindfulness is only one step away from being a "flow state," which is a heightened state of awareness and presence that leads to amazing improvements in athletic performance.

It helps sleep

Studies show that mindfulness can be used effectively to combat insomnia.

It can treat panic attacks

Likewise, mindfulness is one of the main treatments used for panic attacks

It combats negative emotions

In general, mindfulness can be used to make dealing with almost any negative emotion considerably easier. It helps you be objective and logical in the face of adversity.

It enriches life

Being mindful means being present, and that, in turn, means being aware of all the wonderful things happening around you. Instead of being in your own head, you start actually experiencing the world around you. This can even enhance your relationships, because you're enjoying other people's company more and giving of your attention too.

You’ll learn about yourself

Learning to observe your own mind is an amazing skill that teaches you about how your own brain works. Try to observe your thoughts without judgement and allow yourself to think and feel.

You’ll learn about others

When you learn more about yourself, you learn more about the minds of others too. Mindfulness will give you the means to help your friends and family and to better manage your relationships with them.

I hope you'll try out some mindfulness activities - even if it's just a few minutes of focusing on your breathing.

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