Top Foods for Your Healthiest Immune System

Top Foods for Your Healthiest Immune System

Prevention is key in cold and flu season. You can use your diet to keep your body, and, therefore immune system, in tip-top shape. Here are some suggestions for you healthiest diet.

1. Vitamin C 
If you want to help support your immune system, include plenty of natural vitamin C sources in your diet. This powerful antioxidant helps in the repair and regeneration of tissues, and protects cells throughout the body. Do note that mega-dosing vitamin C after your are sick or when you think you are getting sick is not effective. This is a myth!

Good food sources of vitamin C include: 

• Broccoli
• Brussels sprouts
• Cantaloupe
• Kiwi
• Oranges
• Lemons
• Peppers
• Pineapple
• Pink grapefruit
• Strawberries
• Mango

2. Garlic 
It has antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Also, sick people won't want to make out with you.

3. Omega 3 
Found in flax, hempseed, chia seed, salmon, mackerel, krill, cod liver oil, avocado, and almonds, just to name a few. Omega 3s support the immune system by increasing the activity of white blood cells that eliminate bacteria and protect the body against damage from over-reactions to infection. Omega 3s also lessen the severity of infection.

4. Zinc 
Found in broccoli, kale, mushrooms, sesame seeds (Tahini), pumpkin seeds, beans, cashews, eggs, wheat germ, and oysters, to name a few. 

5. Selenium 
Found in Brazil nuts, what germ, whole grains, eggs, sunflower seeds, garlic.

6. Elderberry 
Found in cherries, red grapes, black rice, and also in natural extract, juice and pill form. 

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