New Year, New You: Visualize and Vocalize

New Year, New You: Visualize and Vocalize

It's about a week into 2015, and I know you're anxious to be the "new you." First, take a moment to picture the reality of your goals.

How will you look and feel once you’ve achieved your goals? For example, if you lose (fill in the number) pounds, what will you be feeling? Happy? Relieved? Confident? Sexy? Picture what you will look like, in as much detail as possible. Will you be wearing a new bathing suit and sitting on the beach? Will you be dancing in heels and skinny jeans? Will you be walking down the aisle in a gorgeous wedding dress? Visualizing yourself as already having achieved your goals will help you stay on track toward what’s truly important to you. Vocalizing means saying out loud what you would say to yourself and others after you have achieved your goals. For example, imagine talking to your friends once you have lost the weight. Say to yourself in the mirror, “I feel so great in these jeans!” or ”I’m excited to go to the beach in this new bathing suit!” and/or “I love feeling healthy, sexy and energetic!” Talking and visualizing your goals into reality can make all the difference to your motivation levels.

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