Fueling for Fitness: Part 3

Fueling for Fitness: Part 3

In part 1 of my fueling for fitness series, I discussed hydration. In part 2, I gave you some ideas for pre-workout meals and snacks. In this third and final post, we'll discuss post-workout fueling.

After your workout it is time for your muscles to rebuild, repair, and recover. To facilitate this, you should refuel within 15-30 minutes of your workout, and your post-workout snack should have more protein than carbs if you are strength training, and more carbs than protein for cardio exercise.

In the same way that I don’t recommend sugary sports drinks, I steer clear of protein drinks such as Muscle Milk, Special K, Slim Fast, Boost, or Detour. Read the label and you’ll find lots of sugars – not what you want to put in your healthy, post-workout body! Instead, have a post-workout smoothie with a low-sugar protein powder.

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