Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

Fall is in full swing, with the leaves turning golden and the weather cooling down. But there’s something scary lurking around the corner. October is often a difficult time for anyone who loves sweets, but doesn’t love what sweets do to their health and weight goals. Grocery stores become frightful places, with aisles of goodies tempting us and somehow ending up in our shopping carts. The powerful pull of sugar is well-known among food manufacturers. That’s why “the season of treating” can be so detrimental to our health. The season starts weeks before Halloween and can last all the way to Valentine’s Day! Many people gain 5 to 10 pounds and feel heavier, moodier, and more lethargic.

The great news is that health coaching can help you take control! If you learn how food personally affects your mood, your weight, your health, and a whole list of symptoms, you can also learn how to control your relationship with food and curb your cravings. Even better, I can provide you with personalized strategies for making better choices over the next few months, so you avoid the typical pitfalls before they even start.

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary this year! This month, my blog will focus on important tips, Fall recipes, and provide the latest report on the harmful effects of sugar.

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