A Note on Holiday Indulgences

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We are heading into the “season of overindulging,” and as a health coach, I’d like to remind you that this is an important time to be mindful and take care of yourself. The “season of overindulging” is the time period between Halloween and New Year’s (or for some, Valentine’s Day), when the average American falls into unhealthy habits that can result in unwelcomed symptoms and weight gain. It’s a slippery slope with temptations of sugary, carby, fatty “treats” all around us. They are in the break-room at work, at social gatherings and even in your own kitchen (how did they get there?)!

It’s natural to want to taste “treats” and celebrate meals with family and friends; the key is that while we may indulge here and there, we want to avoid over-indulging throughout the whole season. While faced with these indulgences, I encourage you to be aware of the “cues” and pitfalls and to be intentional about avoiding the “binge now, resolve later” mentality. Your brain has a cue-urge-reward (regret) cycle for survival.

What are some of the “cues” that trigger you and how can you avoid them?

What are some of your physical and emotional regrets after overindulging? 

Enjoy this wonderful time of the year, but don't sacrifice your health!

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