How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

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When festivity fills the air, the holiday spirit becomes contagious. Winter, as it is, makes us lethargic and longing for the kind of warmth that is found in the most indulgent foods. Bakeries start stocking up, there are pies on window sills and there are mugs with hot cocoa. Caution goes out the window and we stop fighting against the holiday spirit and put on the notorious burden we regret as soon as the New Year dawns: holiday weight.

It does not need to be one or the other, though. You can indulge in your eggnog and candy canes and emerge in the feasts as much as anyone else. There are just a few tips and tricks that you must integrate into your lifestyle and you will never have to worry about making the holiday spirit your enemy again.

Be prepared to start out your New Year already feeling like the new self you want to be. Let your body and mind both get the best this holiday season.

Plan Your Proportions

Think back to elementary school when you learned about the food pyramid. Nutrition is a balance between food groups to make up a delicious variety that keeps you at your best. Don't forget those lessons your learned about balance and portions when it comes to picking from the dinner table. Sure, you can have that eggnog (duh!), but don't skip out your portion of fruits and vegetables. I'd never, ever forbid you from enjoying all of the heavenly holiday foods you look forward to all year. It's a balance you need to create. Remember your food pyramid and you will have no extra weight to worry about, just a healthy holiday glow.

Have Rules

The way people let themselves go is quite literally by letting themselves go, go, go and keep indulging more. Holiday weight is not unavoidable – in fact, it may result from people’s belief that there is no stopping holiday weight so they indulge with no stoppers. Plan ahead and decide the set quantities you'll have allowed for certain foods. Remember what is good and what is filler, and plan on having the good stuff. Have a plan for how you'll abide by those limits. Remember the commitment you have made to yourself – not by complete abstinence but by only a little of a good thing. It keeps the novelty factor running and keeps your body and mind happy. 

Move Around

Remind yourself of how walks feel so refreshing or do basic morning exercises to remind yourself that while the rest of the world may be giving into the holidays, does not mean that you should too. Find a few minutes every day to move around, take a walk, do stretches. Remember that this also allows you extra holiday treat time. It also keeps your holiday stress at bay and lets you take time to enjoy everything going on.

Pace Yourself

Space out your meals by making smaller portions - you don't have to eat until the pants come unbuttoned at the dinner table! You can always come back for seconds just give your stomach the time to process and metabolize. Start eating early morning and you will have an entire day of holiday treats, just in smaller, more frequent portions than the overeating tradition of before.

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