Super 6 Ways to Eat Your Veggies

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I remember struggling with adding vegetables into my diet. I just couldn't get interested. I came up with six different ways I could start enjoying them, so I’m sharing them with you. Coincidentally, they all start with the letter S.

  1. Soups - homemade can still be super simple, quick, and easy
  2. Salads - dark leafy greens and 2-4 other veggies with protein and a healthy fat
  3. Smoothies - add vegetables to your smoothie
  4. Sides - with lunch and dinner (steamed, sautéed, roasted, raw)
  5. Snacks - carrotss and hummus for example
  6. Sandwiches - add some greens and other vegetables to make your sandwiches more nutrient-dense; choose lettuce wraps for a low-carb option.

For me, the easiest ways are soups and smoothies, but see what you like. Taste and texture is the name of the game. Don’t think boring and bland; there are so many ways to add great flavors.

Don't just take it from me:

“Diets that are rich in vegetables and fruits are protective against many cancers. There is an enormous amount of work on this,” says Lee Wattenberg, a professor at the University of Minnesota who has been studying cancer prevention for 30 years. “Over the last decade, a fairly large number of prevention compounds have been found in fruits and vegetables. When you look at the totality, it’s quite impressive.”

Give adding vegetables a try! The little extra effort can be both delicious and good for you.

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