Freshen Your Fridge and Perk Up Your Pantry

Freshen Your Fridge and Perk Up Your Pantry.jpg

Simple steps to transform your kitchen…and your health!

The Tough Part - Step 1: Pitch and Toss

If you were going to eat those last few pretzels, you would have by now. Or that last scoop of freezer-burned ice cream. Or that pumpkin pie filling from two Thanksgivings ago. Your pantry, fridge, and freezer are not repositories for forgotten foods. Start your spring cleaning by tossing anything that’s outstayed its expiration date. Next, throw away anything that’s been in a storage container all winter. And if you’re taking this time to clean up your daily diet, toss out the temptation. Remember my favorite healthy eating tip: you can’t eat it if it’s not there. Start from the top shelf to the bottom, tossing as you go – in the pantry, the refrigerator, and the freezer. If you feel as if you’re being wasteful, consider that you’re actually investing in putting your health first.

The Fun Part – Step 2: Shop, Stock, and Splurge

Shop: Two things to know before you go -- don’t shop on an empty stomach, and don’t shop without a list. The best list starts with meal planning. Look ahead and plan your meals for the next few days or even a week. Review the recipes and only put on your list the ingredients you’ll need. Need help with meal planning? Schedule time with me so we can plan your meals and even shop together for delicious and nutritious recipes we’ll customize for you!

Stock up. Foods I always have on hand include:
• greens
• pre-cut veggies
• eggs
• almond milk
• frozen chicken breasts
• salsa
• hummus
• quinoa
• oats
• almonds
• oil and vinegar
• avocado
• bananas (which I freeze when they start to over ripen, then I use them in my smoothies)

Canned or jarred foods to have on hand:
• low-sodium beans (black, navy, kidney, garbanzo)
• low-sodium vegetable and chicken broth
• wild Alaskan salmon
• artichokes
• roasted red peppers

Pre-cut and pre-washed veggies really help reduce my prep time. They may be a little more expensive, but you’re saving time and investing in your health. Speaking of saving time, don’t forget your friend the freezer. Think about buying frozen fruits, vegetables, fish, grilled chicken, and more. Having these on hand really reduces your weekly shopping time, daily cooking time, and ensures you always have something healthy to eat.

Splurge: I found that having nice-looking, high-quality storage containers makes prepping and storing my food more convenient and a lot more fun. Plus, with glass containers, I can see everything at a glance – no more guessing what’s wrapped in foil or stored in that cloudy container! In fact, put your healthy foods right up front on the shelves of your pantry, fridge and freezer so you “crowd-out” less healthy choices.

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