Going to Extremes - Perfectionism Isn't an Ideal State

I’m so excited to have been a guest on Suzanne Proksa's newest podcast, Triumph and Tiaras! Thank you for inviting me, Suzanne!

I’d love for you to give it a listen. If you enjoy it, check out the other episodes too. There are some awesome guests.

Here’s a description of my episode:

Busy, driven women tend to see perfectionism as an ideal state, but perfectionism can be harmful. We can find peace with moderation, as extremes are hard on the body and mind. Health coach, Dr. Kelly Morgan, describes her journey from anorexia to weight gain, to a healthy mental and physical balance. As a result, the painful ups and downs in her pursuit of physical perfection, she now helps women reach their health goals without those painful extremes. Perfect is a myth. Self-love is critical to our success, even if we’re still works in progress.

Listen here!

Dealing with Perfectionism Guide

Are you a perfectionist?

Might your desire to have everything perfect all the time be hindering your ability to live a good life?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things in your life just so, wanting things beautiful, wanting everything done right, and wanting to work hard to achieve great goals. However, there is no such thing as perfect, which is what so many people forget. You can’t have a perfect home or a perfect life or do a job perfectly. Mistakes are made, flaws are present, and not every day is perfect. If your perfectionism is severe, it might have a negative effect on your mental health. Grab my guide to see how you can find some peace and balance by letting go of perfectionism that's holding you back.

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