A Weight Loss Pep Talk

A Weight Loss Pep Talk

Would you ever have the nerve to tell someone they look fat today? Of course not! If it would be impolite, mean, or just plain ludicrous to put people down about their weight or other visible indicators of health, why would you say such things to yourself? 

I have a family member who jokingly refers to himself as “a big tub of goo.”  Sure, that’s a great, funny mental picture, but the more he says those types of things to himself or others, the more everyone will begin to believe it.  In communication theory, there’s a concept of talking something into reality.  The idea behind this is that the more you give words and shape to something, the more likely that belief/perception is to become a reality.  Think of urban legends that get told over and over until everyone starts to believe them.

Bottom line, you can talk good or bad beliefs into reality.  You don’t need to lie to yourself and tell yourself over and over that you’re perfect if you don’t really believe it.  But, anything that you do say about your weight needs to be put in a positive light.  It’s useful to tell yourself that you have every tool you need to get to where you need to be with your weight.  However, it’s completely counterproductive to continually tell yourself that you have had every opportunity to get to your goal, but you’re too lazy/weak/etc. to ever accomplish it.  Don’t let your own rhetoric defeat you.

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