A Restaurant Goer Pep Talk

A Restaurant Goer Pep Talk

With the possible exception of fast-food restaurants, every restaurant has options or will provide substitutions that will meet your needs. At a Mexican fiesta? Skip the chips and melted cheese and order the chicken fajitas, for example. Ask your server to bring just the grilled chicken, grilled veggies, and extra guacamole -- hold the sour cream and cheese (maybe even the flour tortillas, depending on where you are on your healthy-eating journey). Salsa works as a great side, as do black beans.

No matter where you go, you should be able to order grilled chicken or fish; steamed or grilled vegetables, and salad. You might even consider asking the server not to bring the bread basket. And what if you drank less alcohol and relaxed with some sparkling club soda with lime or berries? You may be surprised how good you feel after the meal (without the bloating, sluggishness, or headache)!

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