How to Eat and Enjoy This Summer

How to Eat and Enjoy This Summer

Are you putting off slimming down, kicking your cravings or eating healthier because your summer is filled with events that tempt you to eat or drink more? Even though we want to feel our best when we’re traveling or hanging out with friends or family, our “vacation mode” often leaves us feeling sluggish, bloated, heavy, or regretful -- and when we return, it can feel overwhelming to start from scratch (again).

While it should never be about deprivation, it is helpful to have a strategy for wellness - no matter where you are or where you go. This may include checking out a restaurant's menu ahead of time, bringing something healthy to share at a cookout, eating a snack before you leave, or alternating alcohol and a glass of water when partying.

Know your habits. What always gets you? Brownies? That third glass of Riesling? Hot dogs? If you find that you cave in to temptations during these summertime soirees only to experience regret, you could be an “emotional or situational eater” or there could be situations that “trigger” your eating habits.

You may want to consider meeting with me before your big event or vacation, so we can talk about your concerns and challenges and set you up for success. As your coach, I can help you change your relationship with food so that you are control of it, instead of it being in control of you. Together, we can learn why you might be “stuck,” what’s getting in your way, and how you can make small changes that will make a big difference.

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