How You Can Benefit from Hiring a Health Coach


If you’re here, you’re at least familiar the job title Health Coach, but do you know how you can actually benefit from hiring someone like me? Health coaches are becoming so popular that big companies are hiring them to keep their members and employees on track with their health, but you could even have a private health coach of your own to help you reach your goals. Like me! Whoa!

So, what can a health coach do for you?

They keep you on track

A health coach realizes lofty goals often don't go far. Health coaches help you focus on small daily goals that will get you to achieve your overall goal of better health and wellness, step-by-step, in a way that makes improving your life easy, completely manageable, and even fun. My motto is “don’t make it so hard.”

The change your diet without making you eat things you don't like

Maybe you went into your mission of better health strong, but after a while, got sick of the things you were eating. We all lose that inspiration at times, but a health coach has all kinds of delicious ideas for eating clean without sacrificing on taste. They can help you find the right things to eat for you as an individual, which you can't find on Pinterest!

The help you exercise more without making you do things you don't like

Workouts can be daunting, and once you figure out what to do, they can get stale. That’s where a health coach comes in. They help you find exercise and ways of getting in activity that make it a habit you look forward to doing.

They show you how to handle triggers that cause you to overeat

If your problem is that you tend to choose food to comfort your feelings, a health coach can be life-changing. They will teach you how to handle that stress and keep you from turning to food for comfort rather than for nourishment.

They’re a good influence when everyone else isn’t

A health coach can be that inspiration that keeps you level-headed when you’re making choices about your health. Plus, they can show you ways to enjoy healthier versions of those things you love in your life, so you don’t have to go without. They can teach you how to navigate life without making being healthy hard.

They teach you self care

When is the last time you put yourself first? If you have to sit and really think about it, a health coach is for you. You can’t fill up everyone’s cup if you’re empty yourself. Your health is so important, and by taking this time for your wellness inside and out, you will be the best version of yourself.

Health coaches focus on every area of wellness

It’s not just about losing weight or getting in shape. Health coaches help you with mental health too. Anxiety and stress can tear at us from inside, and your health coach can steer you in the right direction to take healthy control of these areas too.

You deserve happiness and good health, and a way to achieve both is to get a health coach in your corner. You’ll find that making the goals you set for your wellness is easier to reach when you’ve got someone cheering for you! I want to be that cheerleader and friend! See how we can work together.

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